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 Providing quality roof repair and roof replacement for both residential and commercial roofing

  • Aspire Roofing Contractors is Denver’s trusted roofing company.
  • Aspire Roofing are Denver’s hail damage, roof placement pro’s.
  • Aspire roofing offers expertise when it comes to the wind and hail damaged roof insurance claims process.
  • Our roofing crews boast over 30 years of both residential and commercial roofing experience.
  • Our management team is professional, honest, trust worthy  and knowledgeable of the roof replacement process.
  • All moneys are collected after the roofing project has been completed.
  • Roof replacement details will be explained to you before the job starts.
  • We honor a true five year workmanship warranty for total roof replacements.
  • We are Licensed & Insured and can be trusted with all your roofing needs.

How do I get a new roof, and whats the process?

  • Aspire Roofing should first do a free roof inspection.
  • We will explain any potential issues that you may have with your roof.
  • If your roof is hail damaged or wind damaged, we will walk you through the claims process and agreement with you.
  • We will meet with the insurance adjuster and communicate all insurable damage that we have seen on your roof.
  • If insurance adjuster agrees to pay for a full roof replacement, we will confirm shingle choice with you and date of installation.
  • If insurance does not agree to pay for a total roof replacement, and you would like a roof repair or replacement, we will provide a bid for you.
  • After installation of new roof is complete, moneys will be collected and further funds disbursement will be arranged.


Denver/Colorado – Hail Damaged Roof – Do I have hail damage?

Hail Damaged Roofs are some of the most common causes for roof repair and roof replacement in Colorado. Here at Aspire Roofing we strive to be completely upfront with homeowners about any potential insurance claim they might have to replace or repair their roof. Unfortionatly for our industry, we have found that many times, people have been told their roof is damaged, by a dishonest and ignorant roofer , when in fact there is no insurable damage to the roof at all. We at Aspire Roofing are Hail and Wind damage experts, well versed with the requirements insurance companies have to write an insurance claim for roof repair or replacement. This expertise and knowledge helps us to better inform you of how much insurable damage there truly is to your property, and the process we go through to get your claim properly handled. Not every roof that has damage is damaged by wind and hail. Sometimes roofs can be worn down, covered with sun blisters, granual loss due to a manufacture defects or just bad installs. We at Aspire Roofing will explain to you all the pertinent information you need, so that you can be confident in your decision to repair or replace your roof.

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