Aspire Roofing’s Products & Services


Here at Aspire Roofing, we pride ourselves on being a diverse company able to take on the many challenges of both residential and commercial projects. Knowing and understanding the needs of the homeowner and business owner are things we do best. We have a vast experience with both residential and commercial roofing products, as well as windows, siding, gutters, patio covers etc… Whether a simple repair, or a total roof replacement we are able to help you through the process. No matter how simple or how complex a job is, we can make it as seamless as possible for you. Below are a list of some of the services we provide, the products we work with, and their differences.

      • Residential roofing
      • Commercial roofing
      • New Roof Construction
      • Re-roof
      • Roof Repair
      • Composition shingles
      • Wood shake & shingles
      • Slate
      • Clay Tile
      • Decra Stone coated steal
      • Flat Metal Panel Roofing
      • Flat roofing MB and Rolled Roofing
      • Attic Insulation- Blown In
      • Patio Covers
      • Solar Tube Lights
      • Patio Decks
      • Fence repair
      • Siding
      • Windows


Composition shingles

Installing asphalt composite shingles are by far some of the most commonly used shingles for residential housing today. There are several reasons why most people choose asphalt shingles over others but primarily it revolves around price. Asphalt composite shingles are some of the least expensive ways to protect your home and they really do a good job. Asphalt shingles come in many different brands, styles, colors, weights, classes or sizes. There are many class 3 and 4 impact resistant asphalt shingles that many times reduce the premium on your homeowner’s insurance policy. Here at Aspire we virtually work with every kind of asphalt shingle available today. For more information or questions regarding the different types of asphalt shingles you want for your roof, please call Aspire Roofing today. Typically used as a residential product.

Wood shake and shingles

Installing wood shakes and shingles have been used in roofing for quite some time in North America usually using Western Red Cedar and sometimes Southern Yellow Pine. The difference between a wood shake from a wood shingle is that wood shakes are hand split and wood shingles are sawn on all sides. Sizes can very but typical lengths of wood shake are 18 and 24 inches long. Installation of a wood shake has to be performed with great diligence, making sure your rows are straight, all the same height, properly spaced and all underpayment and interlayment are properly installed using the correct fasteners. Here at Aspire Roofing we have the expertise required to perform a quality job. Typically used as a residential product.

Clay Tile

Installing Clay tile is an excellent way to roof ones house for certain homeowners wanting that particular look, and having a less restricted budget. Many Tuscan and Spanish looking homes use these types of shingles. Clay tiles are much stronger then asphalt tiles but also heavier and can sometimes require extra roofing support systems installed as well. It is important to note that colors of clay tile can fade. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further about installing clay tile shingles for your roof. Typically used as a residential product.


Installing Slate is a very expensive roofing system to install and like all tile roofs it can also require extra support for the roofing system to perform correctly. Slate is as natural as it comes when it comes to a tile roof. However that being said you are limited to your colors depending on what quarry we use. Though there may be many colors there are no guarantees that they will have the same color 15 years from now. We always encourage homeowners to buy a few extra shingles just in case. If you need to repair and don’t have any left-overs, we can always try to find salvage slate and try to match the existing shingles. Slate shingles once again are typically used on high end estates due to how expensive they are. Please don’t hesitate to call with any questions. Typically used as a residential product.

Concrete Tile

Installing Concrete tile is widely used today as well. It’s extremely strong, carries a UL 4 rating to help lower insurance premiums. It comes in several different styles and colors. Once again weight can be an issue, so extra supports may be required and is not suggested below a 3/12 pitch. Like all other tile one should be very careful walking on roof due to the tile easily breaking. Typically used as a residential product.

Metal Roofs

Installing Metal roofs are quickly rising to the top in quality, and durability. Although an extremely expensive choice for any homeowner the chances are good that it will be the last roof you put on your house. Metal roofs offer a large variety of choices in color and style. One of the things that a metal roof offers is a long lasting durability as well as a reflective surface able to deflect the heat of the sun as opposed to the asphalt shingle that just absorb it. The warranties on a roof system like these are incredibly long. Not only can a metal roof save you money with your insurance premium but it will also help with the energy you use to cool your home down. Typically used as a residential product and commercially as well.

MB/Flat Roofing

Modified bitumen is widely used on flat roofing for both residential and commercial roofing. Typically used within less than a 2/12 pitch. There are two different types of MB typically used one known as peel and stick, a cold application, rubberized type of MB roofing or the torch down plasticized roofing that is torched on to a fiber mesh adhered to the decking, a product that we at Aspire Roofing are very familiar with and it can be used in residential or commercial.

Rolled Roofing

90 pound rolled roofing is a very inexpensive way to roof a shed and can also be used for closed valley applications on asphalt shingle roofs. 90 Pounds rolled roofing is allowed to be an external roofing system in some cities and counties but we at Aspire try and only use rolled roofing as an underlayment. Typically used for residential use on sheds and canopy’s.

 Attic insulation

Insulation can be one of the best ways to increase your energy efficiency. There may be certain tax and energy credits you get, besides receiving savings on your energy bills. Many people have upgraded to newer standards set by government. No matter what kind of insulation you have in your attic, one way to determine if you need more attic insulation is to have Aspire Roofing do some simple tests. You can also look into your attic, and if you see your joist then it is possible that you may need more insulation. We at Aspire can help you achieve the right insulation (R-value) you need to run more energy efficient. Please contact us so that we can schedule an appointment with you and determine what R-value you are currently at, and what R-value you should be at.  The great thing about doing blown in attic insulation with Aspire Roofing is that we have the professionals to do the job right . A few things to consider.

  • Blown in insulation typically takes less than 4 hours per 1000sq.ft of attic space to an  R-30 value.
  • The feeding system we use helps us to  put insulation where ever you want it.
  • The air pockets the insulation creates, make it a much better product then many other insulators.
  • It’s used to reduce noise elements.
  • The fiberglass insulation releases and expands completely inside the machine, making it an easier clean-up.
  • It’s also a low dust system being fully enclosed.
  • We are very experienced with the installation process.
  • The benefits of adding more insulation for most individuals, is the potential savings in energy bills, besides a cooler or warmer house.
  • Sometimes roof top insulation is possible while we do your re-roof.


Installing EPDM (Ethylene, propylene, diene, Monomer (M-class) rubber) has become the way to go for commercial flat roofing. The main properties and benefits of EPDM are outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance. It has the added benefit that it does not pollute the runoff rainwater. EPDM continues to be the roofing material that stands the test of time. If you have need of expert commercial roofers please do not hesitate to call Aspire Roofing. Typically used as a commercial product but sometimes used on residential.


(Thermoplastic Poly olefin) TPO is another product widely used for flat roofing in the commercial world. Its application is fairly simple and does an excellent job of protection. Although like any commercial product you want an experienced crew working on your roof. One of the benefits of using TPO is the fact that it does not degrade under solar UV radiation. Typically used as a commercial product but can be used residentially.

Spray Foam-Spray polyurethane foam-based (SPF)

SPF-based roof systems are constructed by spraying a two-component liquid that forms the base for an adhered roof system and it can be installed with various thicknesses to provide different slopes to insure proper drainage or meet a specified R-value. A protective surfacing is then applied to the foam. The applied surfacing provides protection from weather, UV exposure, mechanical damage and provides a fire-resistant characteristic for the roof system. Typically a comercial product. We rarely consider using this product, it does take the right situation.